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Friday, October 21st, 2005
3:49 pm
This site sucks.........
I'm just posting here for lack of anything better to do. Anyone REALLY wanna see a site i care about, check out my xanga: http://www.xanga.com/Shuichi_4_ever it has tons of yaoi stuff!!^.^!I also use it more like a journal than this thing, so yeah...........

Current Mood: touched
Thursday, September 15th, 2005
4:23 pm
In love with sadness.......
How is it that even when I am blissfully happy, I have to hold back tears of pain? I am ever changing inside, opposite polarities intertwined.
4:06 pm
Yet again I drown in myself.........
what is in existance thats so pure, so hard to change? We live for the sake of life, to exist, be apart of everything, yet we die to escape from what we chreished in life. Is it that we have no choice, or is it meant to be that our spirits travel on?? Either way, it amazes me how many people are. Thos who choice suicide, why do they do this?? Is it in order to fell as though we can leave all that has been given us?? I may never know, but I hope to better understand, to feel a part of something.

Current Mood: My heads fucked up right now..
Sunday, August 21st, 2005
5:54 pm
Another day that bubbles my mind 'til it fizzes...
I dunno what the title was about so please either laugh and point *laughs and points at self for an example* or ignore, 'kay?? Anyway, today was another "interesting" day, awaiting the return to school. Eh, I'm not even gonna sweat it this year, I got no 2nd per. class, and I got 3 art classes, so it shoucl be a huge cake-walk, as long as I care about what I'm doing *guilty laugh*, considering I care so much about regular classes, and social stading and stuff (please stop me before I vomit from sarcasm). Eh, I'm only wr5iting so I can say I'm using this fucking thing, I'll put smarter stuff on this eventually.

Current Mood: spazin out....
12:52 am
"in people who live carelessly, cravine increases like ivy growing round a tree. THe race around, day after day, like monkeys in the forest seeking fruit."

"By this craving you poison yourself. You are tormented in this world like a tree choked with ivy, and your suffering greatly increases."

"Whoever in this world overcomes this vicious craving so hard to transend will find that suffering falls away like drops of water falling from a flower."

A few quotes from the Dharma.........

Current Mood: Studying the Big Bang and shit
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
1:09 am
LIfes like a missile slowly reaching it's destination..........
I think we all take advantage of how long we have left to live. we sit in our fancy ass houses and cars, watching our big screen TVs (some of us), and take complete advantage of what exists beyond this little world we collapse ourselves in. i am fucking sick and tired of people who "hate thier lives", when they are too blind to observe the fact that they aren't living thier lives. I am one who shouldn't preach these things, I have been known to lock myself away from society, but still, I am an observer of flaws and errors in out lives.
Anyway, I was thinking about nothing earlier, if nothing really does exist, and some dumb asses easily say "gee, nothing doesn't exist, because, well...........it's nothing", and when one considers it, in order for something to be giventhe title nothing, it must in theory be something, so what is nothing?? An empty void?? If so, isn't an empty void SOMETHING, I mean, it takes up space, it is entitled a name, and you don't give a name to something that isn't there. I also kinda thought of an interesting theory...........what if the planets and everything we now to be the universe are merely small atoms that make up a greater life?? What if we are bacteria on some animal, in a larger more sophisicated existance?? Or what if this is reversed, and we are made up of universe upon universe, and it never ends?? I must sound like a total fucking nerd right now, but I couldn't care less............I have had my share of misery, and I am no longer hiding in the dark...........

Current Mood: I'm like a kitten w/ ADD now..
Friday, August 19th, 2005
10:26 am
The Realm of Insanity had officially begun..........
Okay, I'm new @ this crap, so here goes nothin, first entry=nothing. I have jack shit to write, it's way too fucking early, and I'm a fucking spaz right now, walking into walls and stuff, confusing my kitten........I'm getting used to Bristol, I guess, at least I'm free from the grasp of my mom, the essence of all that is evil, or maybe I'm more evil *thinks to a great extent*, oh well, she's the bad evil, I'm the good evil!!MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I dread going back to school, I really miss coop, the kids were down to earth (most of 'em), and it was nice and small, where I could hide from people easily, plus my bfs there, and all my friends are their, and I lost this paper thingy with their numbers and crap >

Current Mood: Reading Over Manga!!!^^!
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